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Pat has been involved in sport all his life, and has personally experienced the value of strength training not only in improving sports performance, but also in becoming a more confident and resilient person. ​

He began strength training at age thirteen to jump higher for basketball, and has not looked back since. He has competed at the World’s level in competitive cheerleading, and at a National  level in Olympic weightlifting.

Credentials and Education

Pat has taken no shortcuts in his journey to become the best strength training coach possible. He completed a 7 year study at UBC to attain a Masters in Kinesiology at UBC, focusing on coaching science with applications to strength and conditioning. During this time, he supplemented his formal classroom education with his work as a Graduate Assistant strength coach for varsity athletes under a scholarship. He also worked under a gym focusing on more clinical and senior clientele (UBC Bodyworks) during this time, honing his skills to be able to create effective programming regardless of age or limitation.

  • Masters Degree in Kinesiology (MKIN), UBC

  • Student of Physiotherapy 2021-2023 (MPT program), UBC

  • Registered Kinesiologist (BCAK)

  • 2 Year Graduate Assistantship with UBC Performance (Varsity Strength & Conditioning)

  • 2 year Teaching Assistantship with UBC Kinesiology 

  • 5 years of experience personal training

Training Style: Creating True Confidence

The problem with personal training is that trainers are not necessarily aiming to teach you everything you need to train independently with confidence. That would imply that at some point you wouldn’t need them anymore!

You will not receive that sort of service training with Pat. He is committed not only to providing good workouts, but also in helping you understand the different muscles working, the correct technique, and the way training and recovery work together to change the body. 

Pat thinks of his role being closer to a teacher than a trainer. You will always be welcome to ask questions, or even suggest adjustments to the training as you begin to understand the process on a deeper level. 

Who's training with Pat?

Athletes: Pat has worked with  cheerleaders, volleyball players, basketball players, and weightlifters. Programming that works WITH your sport, so that you improve performance and mitigate injury concurrently. A needs analysis identifies your gaps which are limiting your output and getting you injured, and we work from there.

Elderly Populations: Pat has worked with individuals up to 90yrs in 1 on 1 and groups. Pat has helped individuals achieve their first pushup, go for their run, and be able to get up from the ground without help for the first time in years!

The Busy Family Person: Everyone from the college student, the doctor, and the college professor! Time is the most valuable commodity, and I’ve learned to create programs that maximize results without spending hours in the gym or stressing out over the process. Not all training programs need to be extreme or puke-inducing to be highly effective.

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