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Why You Should Believe in Online Training!

When I tell people I'm an online coach, they assume I do one of two things:

  1. Zoom workout sessions

  2. I sell generic workout templates (ala P90X)

While I do provide the service of Zoom workout sessions, to great success, that's not what we are discussing today. To be clear, the type of online training I provide has the following:

  1. A customized training program accounting for the client's goals, limitations, gym space, time, and experience level.

  2. The ability for clients to ask questions of the coach anytime and get feedback on their experience and exercise technique.

  3. A program updated weekly according to logged workout data and written feedback.

  4. Delivery of programming through an app which allows for easy and consistent tracking.

All that being said, let's talk about why online training can be a superior option to traditional personal training.

Time: Scheduling personal training can be a huge constraint. Not only do you have to coordinate an hour that works with schedules on both ends, but you will have to commute to wherever the trainer is and back. All that stress does not exist with online training. You train whenever you want, wherever you want, and your workout is not always squished into 1 hour!

Quality of Service: Lifting weights is an important part of training, but we know that good results are not possible without nutrition, education, and recovery. When you train in-person, you only have the support and services of your trainer for the 1 hour you are there. With a good trainer, you'll have an amazing training session and definitely get more out of that hour that you would have on your own!

However, that 1 hour out of your week does not give you time to ask too many questions, or talk recovery or what to do training on your own! When you train online, you are crystal clear what to do with your 3-5 workouts a week. Part of the service you receive is being able to ask questions about training, nutrition, recovery, equipment, etc, meaning that you can optimize more variables giving you better results over time.

$$$: With online training, you pay for the entire program and support, not by the hour. You're getting up to 20 customized workouts a month with support and feedback. Whether the metric is results or cost/hour, online training always comes out on top as the more affordable option.

I've had many clients that have and still do enjoy in-personal training and will likely never go online. However, I truly believe that for those with a tight schedule and limited time, online training can be a better option and yield better results. If you've got questions about training, let me know!


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