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“Working with Pat has been a great experience because not only has he helped me accomplish my goal of doing my first full-form push up, but i’m working towards doing my first pull-up. His communication has always been on point, and due to that he has tailored the program to specifically fit my goals. His knowledge and cues for exercises have made it easy to alter to what i can personally do and whenever I have had questions he gets back super quick. If you’re looking for a trainer who goes above and beyond, and has the schooling and experience to support what he does, you don’t need to look any further. He’ll do whatever he can to help you accomplish your goals.”

Sarah G. (Online Coaching Client)

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I last did gym stuff in high school, where it was compulsory, and hated it, so I turned up at the UBC gym for a seniors' program with a lot of trepidation.  Pat Wu was assigned to me, and from our first introduction I was aware of his respect and professional ability to assess what I could do as a complete beginner and how I could be encouraged to grow in strength and flexibility at a speed that worked for me. Before, I couldn't do shoulder checks, and getting in and out of the car was getting to be a challenge. Now, I do shoulder checks without thinking (well, mostly!), and almost glide in and out of the car. Proud? You bet. Since Covid we meet on Zoom in the "comfort of my living room" and after the instruction session he sends me a written summary of what he taught. I'd recommend him to anyone, without hesitation - he adjusts his instructions to where the person is in their abilities, and knows how to move ahead at a speed that's challenging but always doable. And every day as I finish my challenging but doable series of exercises, I feel great! Thanks Pat, for not only the increased physical abilities but my sense of well-being - it's been one of the big pluses of retirement.

Harold M. (In-person + Online Client)

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Pat Wu has been my personal trainer  since February 2019. He is excellent, the best trainer of the several I’ve had in my 15 years at BodyWorks. Why do I think so? I am in my mid-seventies, and my main goals at the gym are to improve my balance and flexibility (and, of course, to maintain my strength and stamina). Pat is very responsive to these goals and to my preferences in general. If I have problems with a particular exercise, due to my arthritic knees or restricted mobility, he skillfully modifies the exercise to take into account and/or to reduce my limitations. He is intelligent, good humoured and encouraging, and he remembers details. Every session is enjoyable and feels as though it’s personal for me and not just stamped out of a textbook. During the Covid-19 lockdown I have been having weekly sessions with Pat using the Zoom platform. Although I was dubious before we started, I am finding these sessions to be terrific as Pat ingeniously transforms household objects into virtual gym equipment.

 Lon R. (In person + Online Client)

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As a student who is often very busy, it is difficult to find motivation for workouts during the sparse gaps in my studies, and thus I am quite physically weak. Pat is very understanding and does an excellent job of adapting to my needs and makes sure my fitness does not deteriorate. Even at home, Pat’s online sessions continue to help me exercise without the inconvenience of needing to head outside.

Owen L. (Online Client)

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